ScoutFoto Race We provide races another revenue source utilizing our technology. Our face and bib recognition software makes that happen. The crowd and photographers just need to upload all the pictures they took at the race, we then tag the pictures, so all runners have to do is enter their bib number and they will be able to see all the pictures of themselves from the race.

You can choose if you want to charge participants. If you choose to give photos for free our service is free but if you decide to charge you choose what to charge and keep 90% of the revenue, we keep 10%. If the race chooses not to charge for pictures, printing the pictures out will not be an option.

Races have been earning money using our system, making more profit from their race. Now it's your turn too. Sign your race up today.
  • Easy to upload thousands of pictures at once
  • Face and bib recognition make it easy for runners to find their pictures
  • Races decide if/how much to charge to download/print off photos, and get to keep 90% of revenue